Introduction from Governor Rick Scott

Our “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget builds on the foundation laid during the last four years of cutting taxes, investing record amounts in education, lowering the cost of higher education, and improving workforce development. We will continue to stay focused on these goals in order to become the global leader in jobs by 2020. Since 2010, we’ve cut taxes over 40 times, eliminated over 3,100 burdensome regulations and Florida job creators have now added over 728,000 private-sector jobs. Florida’s debt has been reduced by $7.5 billion since 2010. Make no mistake about it, debt is a tax burden on our children and grandchildren and we’ve worked to have less debt per capita than New York, Illinois and California. In fact, California and Illinois have more than double the debt per capita of Florida, and New York has more than triple the debt per capita of Florida.

We know our workers and leaders of tomorrow are in our classrooms today – and that is why this year we will increase per-student K-12 education funding to the highest level in Florida history, $50 above Florida’s previous record in 2007-2008. We will also keep higher education affordable by continuing to hold the line on undergraduate tuition as well as tuition on graduate and professional programs. My wife Ann and I had the opportunity to get great educations that allowed us to live our dreams. A great education changes lives, and we will continue to work so every Florida student can afford to pursue a higher education.

Our “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget also proposes to put more money back into the pockets of Florida families and businesses this year by cutting $673 million in taxes. Families can spend their money better than the government can. That’s why we will eliminate the taxes college students pay when they buy textbooks; cut the state sales tax that families and businesses pay on their cell phone, cable and satellite TV bills; further roll back the business tax; and permanently eliminate the taxes that Florida manufacturers pay when they buy new equipment. These targeted tax cuts will work to strengthen our growing economy and provide more opportunity for families in our state, so we can continue to “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING.”

Texas is our number one competitor for jobs, but Florida will soon unseat Texas for this top spot if we stay focused on our goal of being a low tax, pro-growth state. The important investments and tax cuts in our “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget will help Florida become the global destination for not just tourists – but jobs.


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Rick Scott

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