If you want to form a limited liability company (LLC) for your business in Florida, then you have just made one of the most critical business decisions. The other critical decision is to decide whether to form your new business entity yourself, hire an attorney to help you do it, or to leverage the expertise of a business formation company.

LLCs are legally recognized entities that are taxed in the same way sole proprietorships and general partnerships are, in the sense that owners include any company profits or losses in their personal tax returns. The owners or members of an LLC are not personally liable for the financial status of the business.

This implies that if your LLC is sued, your personal assets are not at risk. Note that you can choose to form an LLC on your own using the DIY method, but that can be quite challenging for someone who has never done it before.

Also, note that you can hire an attorney to form your LLC, but this option will cost thousands of dollars. This leaves the third option, which is to hire an LLC formation service. There are many reliable LLC formation service providers in Florida.

When you start a company in the “Sunshine State,” it is recommended that you find an LLC formation company that can assist you with the registration process.

The best LLC formation service will accurately file your Articles of Organization and will also provide compliance alerts to help ensure you don’t miss any vital filing deadlines (such as filing your annual reports). The incorrect LLC formation service will cause your paperwork to be delayed, resulting in lost business hours.

Choosing the best LLC formation service to help you form your Florida business can be really confusing, but if you are seeking the best LLC formation service to use in Florida, here are the top options to consider.

Best LLC Formation Services in Florida

  1. Northwest Registered Agent

This LLC formation service is renowned as one of the best in Florida owing to their first-class customer support service. Note that their team of US-based Corporate Guides has the experience to help you not only during your LLC or business registration process but also when you come across any issues in your business journey.

Have it in mind that their discounted $39 Formation Package offers clients all the services that are necessary to form a Florida LLC including a free year of their top-rated registered agent service.

  1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a platform that automates business formation, branding, and website creation. Its main objective is to provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to conveniently launch their businesses. The premium Elite Plan ($199 + state fees) is what truly distinguishes Tailor Brands.

The Elite Plan provides an extensive selection of business-building features for companies that are dedicated to establishing an online presence — those who want more than just basic Florida LLC formation services. Note that they also offer logo design, digital business cards, graphic design tools for social media, and other services.

  1. Harbor Compliance

Known as one of the premium LLC service providers in Florida, Harbor Compliance offers quality formation services that are critical to launching your LLC in Florida in addition to great customer care support.

Have it in mind that they are one of the very few formation companies that provide you with a personal representative who is on-sit during normal business hours to ensure you get all the help you need with your business formation process. However, note that their fee can be quite high – pegged at around $399 – but they do offer great value for your money.

  1. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another legal service provider to consider since they offer minimal LLC services as part of their $99 business formation package; however, their services are not as reliable as many other competitors in the market. Howbeit, note that LegalZoom offers assistance with filing your initial paperwork and also provides a banking solution.

  1. IncFile

This formation service is rated as the best budget LLC formation service on this list. Incfile Florida LLC formation services offer some of the best deals for small businesses owing to the free premium services they offer. Incfile also provides vital features in its basic LLC formation package that is suitable for a low-budget startup.

Aside from that, they offer real-time order tracking and superior customer support. You will definitely benefit from their accessible online dashboard that helps you track vital deadlines and compliance reminders for your LLC in Florida.

  1. Rocket Lawyer

As part of their $99 LLC formation package, Rocket Lawyer is known to offer very basic LLC services. Although Rocket Lawyer will file your Articles of Organization and provide you with an online document storage portal, they are not among the best LLC services. That is because their specialty is legal services; Rocket Lawyer provides only basic LLC services in Florida.

  1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is another excellent option to consider, owing to the wide range of high-quality services included in their $150.75 Basic Package, which includes everything you need from a Florida LLC formation service. They will assist you in preparing and filing your Articles of Organization, as well as providing a free year of registered agent service.

In addition, they will notify you of any upcoming compliance deadlines, store your important documents in their online portal, and provide an in-house consultation with their accounting team to ensure your accounting structures are properly established.

You can upgrade to their premium services if you require additional services such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), banking resolution, or VIP processing.

  1. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is quite similar to ZenBusiness. Note that they offer a $49 Basic Plan that includes help with your Certificate of Organization, 30-minute consultation with their accounts department, an online document storage portal, and a free year of domain name registration.

However, their main disadvantage is that they do not provide a free year of registered agent service; instead, you must pay $149. This is three times the price of ZenBusiness’ first package, which includes this service for free. They are a relatively new company (founded in 2012) with a growing base of loyal customers, which means they provide dependable services.

  1. MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks is a Florida LLC formation service that charges $79 for basic services such as guidance with initial paperwork submission, online access to your most relevant things, and compliance alerts to ensure you don’t miss any key filing deadlines.

However, their free year of registered agent service is only available as part of their $279 premium package. Given that Northwest includes this critical service in their $49 package, purchasing MyCompanyWorks’ premium package makes no sense. On the other hand, they provide excellent customer service and have a 4.5/5 rating across 3,500 online reviews.

  1. Incorporate Fast

Incorporate Fast is unlike any other service on this list. They guarantee that your Articles of Organization will be submitted on the same day they get your documents. No other company makes such a guarantee.

Their $99 basic package includes help with filing your initial paperwork, drawing up your operating agreement, and a free year of registered agent service. They also even provide a $199 premium package that includes an EIN but excludes services such as an online document storage portal and a business tax consultation.