It is normal for truck drivers to look for trucking companies that can pay them pretty well. There are several trucking companies in the United States that pay very good salaries. Some of the companies listed in this article may not have their head office in Florida, but they recruit in Florida, and truck drivers in Florida are eligible to apply whenever there are openings for truck drivers in these companies.

So, if you are a truck driver in Florida and you are looking for some of the best-paying trucking companies in Florida, then you may find this article useful.

Best Paying Trucking Companies in Florida

  1. J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc.

Founded in 1974, J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc. is a nationally recognized truckload carrier with headquarters in New Ulm, Minnesota. Over 3,000 trailers and 1,000 power units are owned by J&R Schugel. J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc. offers dedicated services, dry vans, and temperature-controlled freight, in all 48 states in the continental U.S.

J&R Schugel operates plants in New Ulm, Minnesota, Tomah, Wisconsin, Columbus, Ohio, and Ellenwood, Georgia. J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned business, marked its 45th anniversary as a pioneer in the transportation sector in 2019.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $164,670 per year

  1. XPO Logistics

One of the top ten global suppliers of world-class solutions and transportation services is XPO Logistics. Using their technology and services, XPO Logistics assists their clients in managing their commodities as effectively as possible. The global workforce at XPO Logistics, which is made up of talented, energized individuals with a range of experience levels, is the company’s biggest asset.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $145,596 per year

  1. Oakley Transport

Oakley Groves was founded in 1961 as an independent dealer of citrus fruits. Soon after, Oakley Brothers entered the citrus industry’s harvesting and hauling sector. Over time, Oakley Brothers were absorbed into the parent firm of Oakley Groves, Inc. and Oakley Transport.

Having survived the severe freezes of 1982 and 1984, the Oakley family made the decision to diversify in 1986 rather than rely solely on citrus.

The family chose to move the company’s headquarters to Lake Wales, Florida in 1986 due to Oakley’s dedication to expansion and diversification. For quality service at a competitive price, Oakley Transport has established itself as a market leader in the liquid bulk food-grade transportation sector over the past 27 years.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $135,000 per year

  1. Millis Transfer

Millis Transfer is one of the best-paying trucking companies out there that a truck driver should consider. The Millis Family has stayed constant in their commitment to offering the best customer service and driver amenities. Due to this, Millis Transfer has become one of the top dry-van fleets operating today.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $115,091 per year

  1. Star Transportation PA

One of the top motor carriers in south Florida is Star Transportation PA. Star Transportation PA teams are made up of over 150 employees and drivers who consistently perform on a professional level and have a wealth of knowledge in logistics. The trust of their customers and the quality of their services are a top priority at Star Transportation PA.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $109,573 per year

  1. McElroy Truck Lines

One of the top flatbed firms in the country was founded by McElroy Truck Lines. From its headquarters in Cuba, Alabama, McElroy Truck Lines has been providing transportation services to customers in the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions for more than three decades. Every step of the way, McElroy Truck Lines is committed to providing on-time delivery and exceptional customer service.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $98,249 per year

  1. 10 Roads Express

One of the biggest mail delivery companies in the US is 10 Roads Express. The goal of 10 Roads Express is to provide on-time delivery, efficiency, courtesy, and safety while serving the US Postal Service’s demands at sites around the nation.

The company’s drivers, using high-quality equipment, ensures that the mail is delivered according to the needs of the customer. Over 3,500 company-owned tractors and 5,000 company-owned trailers are operated and maintained at each of Roads Express’ ten terminals by devoted drivers and mechanics.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $95,682 per year

  1. The Maverick Way®

Since 1980, The Maverick Way® has grown to be a leader in the field. They based their success on innovation, safety, technology, and forward-thinking philosophy. The Maverick Way® operates around 1,600 locations from coast to coast, across Canada, and into Mexico, offering specialized logistics solutions to some of the best firms in the country.

This privately held company, which is based in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has one of the largest open equipment fleets in the country and consistently ranks as one of the top carriers to drive for in the sector.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $94,712 per year

  1. Werner Enterprises, Inc.

Superior truckload transportation and logistics services are provided to clients throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada by Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: WERN). They are a crucial solution provider for clients who value the integrity of their supply chain and demand safe and exceptional on-time service.

With 2021 revenues of $2.7 billion, an industry-leading modern truck and trailer fleet, over 13,500 talented associates, and cutting-edge technology, Werner offers dedicated and one-way truckload services in addition to logistics services like truckload brokerage, freight management, intermodal, and last mile.

Werner is well known for its initiatives to make it easier for veterans of the military to transition into the workforce, such as its Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship that enables veterans to utilize their benefits to pay for training while receiving on-the-job coaching.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $94,155 per year

  1. AFC Transport

AFC Transport began as a modest, family-run transportation business in 2012. AFC Transport takes pride in offering consumers trustworthy transportation services and in giving experienced drivers across the nation access to the best driving opportunities.

Steel, construction, heavy equipment, consumer goods, and manufacturing are among the many industries where AFC Transport can offer a variety of freight options that are dependable and safety-conscious. AFC Transport has expanded to have a fleet of over 200 trucks now and has received numerous accolades for being among the best-for-hire businesses in the sector.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $93,945 per year

  1. Armellini Express Lines Inc.

One of the biggest US floral carriers, Armellini Express Lines Inc. specializes in transporting floral products in a temperature-controlled environment. LTL services are provided by Armellini Express Lines Inc. Additionally, Armellini offers expedited dry or temperature-controlled truckload service from the lower 48 states to locations in southern Florida.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $91,528 per year

  1. Hirschbach Motor Lines

Hirschbach was founded in 1935 and they are a carrier for refrigerated goods. Hirschbach’s fleet of approximately 500 tractors and 850 refrigerated trailers are one of the most modern, fuel-efficient, and ecologically friendly in the trucking industry.

Everyone connected to Hirschbach enjoys the personalized attention of a smaller carrier in addition to having access to the best products and services available right now.

Hirschbach Motor Lines has experience handling dry commodities and specializes in delivering fresh and frozen supplies throughout the United States and Mexico. Strong ties with their customers, drivers, workers, vendors, and partner carriers are the foundation of Hirschbach’s business.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $91,208 per year

  1. Sysco

Sysco is the industry pioneer when it comes to marketing, selling, and distributing food goods to restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other businesses where people cook meals away from home. The corporation employs more than 71,000 people, runs 333 distribution centers globally, and provides service to more than 700,000 customer locations. The corporation earned more than $68 billion for the fiscal year 2022 which concluded on July 3, 2022.

Sysco’s vision is to bring success to its clients through industry-leading people, products, and solutions. Sysco’s goal is to link the world so that people can share food and take care of one another.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $91,029 per year

  1. United Parcel Service (UPS)

American international shipping, receiving, and supply chain management firm United Parcel Service (UPS) was established in 1907. The American Messenger Firm, which first specialized in telegraphs, evolved into UPS, one of the biggest shipping couriers in the world and a Fortune 500 company.

Today, UPS is most recognized for its ground shipping services and the UPS Store, a retail network that helps with UPS packages and sells equipment to small businesses. Additionally, UPS provides overnight and two-day air shipping as well as delivery to post office boxes through UPS SurePost, a company that transfers parcels to the US Postal Service for last-mile delivery.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $90,082 per year

  1. Estes Express Lines

Lastly, Estes Express Lines is one of the high-paying trucking companies that a truck driver in Florida should consider. Estes Express Lines is aware that its most valuable resource is its workforce. After over 90 years, Estes Express Lines is still a family-owned business, but both the family and the employees are equally important to the company.

Estes Express Lines has long held the view that by providing their coworkers with a wide range of perks, encouraging open communication, and appreciating each individual for their efforts, they can build a stronger business that can better serve their clients.

Truck Driver’s Pay: $89,261 per year.