An expert who provides treatments for the skin, nails, and hair is known as a licensed cosmetologist. In some states, an equivalent license might be issued under the titles of hair stylist, stylist, hairdresser, or beautician. Cosmetologists are qualified to offer a wide range of services.

Please note that you must obtain the necessary salon license if you intend to create your own business (salon, studio, or spa) and provide any cosmetology services. Alternatively, if you’re looking for work, confirm that the salon you intend to work for has the necessary license.

You are eligible to offer a wide range of services with the majority of cosmetology license categories. However, in addition to your cosmetology, nail, or face license, you may decide to pursue more education and acquire other professional licenses.

What is a Florida Cosmetology License?

To provide cosmetology services, a Florida cosmetology license is necessary. Interestingly, the coloring, bleaching, and enhancement of hair, nail maintenance, nail hygiene, and skincare, makeup usage, and other things are all covered by the Florida cosmetology license.

The legislation mandates that you hold an active license from the State in order to practice as a cosmetologist, nail, facial, or complete specialist. All cosmetology services must be provided in a licensed salon in Florida, with a few exceptions, by licensed cosmetologists working in licensed salons.

Please note that in Florida, every two years, by October 31st, all license types must be renewed. Depending on whether you are in Group 1 or Group 2, you must renew your license in a different year.

How Much Does It Cost?

For cosmetology schools whether in Florida or in any other state, you should budget between $15,000 and $20,000. Please note that these fees cover the cost of the application, tuition, materials, equipment, and textbooks.

Requirements to Obtain Florida’s Cosmetology License

Age Requirements

You need at least a high school diploma and you must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for a cosmetology license.

Education Requirements

You must finish at least 1200 hours from a board-approved school and pass the Florida cosmetology theoretical and practical tests to earn a cosmetology license. The majority of cosmetology courses in Florida beauty schools typically last from 9 to 15 months.

Examination Requirements

Before scheduling another exam with Pearson VUE if you failed the first one, you must submit an application for a reexamination. Visit Cosmetology – Apply For A License to submit a new application online or to get a retake application.

HIV/AIDS Course Requirements

Your original HIV/AIDS course completion certificate that you obtained from your school should be submitted. Prior to submitting an application, the HIV/AIDS course had to be finished within the previous two years and be at least four hours long.

Graduate Certification Requirements  

You must submit your application together with a Graduate Certification Form from Section III of form COSMO 1.

Fee Requirements

As specified in the application, you are to pay the requisite fee. You can use a credit card or an electronic cheque to pay for an online application.

Please enclose a check made out to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation with your application if you are mailing it. Veterans, their wives, and Florida National Guard members can qualify for a charge reduction, waiver, or discount.

Steps on How to Apply for Florida’s Cosmetology License

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to obtain a Florida Cosmetology License;

Step One:  You have to finish 1,200 hours of the cosmetology school curriculum and be at least 16 years old.

Step Two: On the Florida DBPR Online Services page, you must submit an application for the Cosmetology License Exam along with any necessary costs. The vendor of the state’s exams, Pearson VUE, will send you a written notice to arrange a time for the written cosmetology exam.

Step Three: You should then take the Cosmetology License Examination. The theory and clinical components of the exam are separated. Both parts must be approved within two years of another. Consult the Candidate Information Booklet for the Cosmetology Licensure Examination for further details about the test.

Step Four:  A 4-hour HIV/AIDS Training Course is required of you. Before filing an application for a cosmetology license, this course must be finished within two years.

Step Five: You can submit an online licensing application. But you must provide documentation of your cosmetology school graduation, exam success, and completion of the HIV/AIDS Course. At this time, you should also pay the application fee.

In Conclusion,

It is important to note that it can take up to three weeks for your license to be issued once you have filed your application. Licenses are granted in accordance with the order of receipt. After issuing your license number, the DBPR will email you your license. Your updated license can then be printed and displayed in your salon.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing the application, you should feel free to call the Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 or use the contact form.