There is no specific painting license in Florida; rather, the painters should obtain a general contractor license in order to conduct business in the state. A Florida contractor license is a statutory necessity imposed by the state on operators seeking to do business in the state.

This license ensures that the permit holder is competent to operate legitimately in the state, and it must be renewed every two years. Painters can locate Florida licensing agencies via the secretary of state’s office, or they can go to the county clerk’s office to get the necessary business operational permits.

There are various types of Florida Contractor Licenses, and they are of two categories: Registration and Certification. The registration enables operators to operate in particular places like cities and counties. While certification enables operators to operate in any place in the state.

Have in mind that aside from the license, you should first of all, register your painting company with the state. You should adhere to the statutory requirements imposed by the agencies, and also verify the municipal criteria since every county follows its own rules. They will need additional authorization to conduct business in their respective domains.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain a Florida Painting License?

The cost of obtaining a Florida contractor license will depend on whether the application would be for state certification or registration, as well as the date. Certified contractors will be expected to pay the following licensing fees:

  • When you apply between May 1 of an even year and August 31 of an odd year, the fee is $249.
  • When you send in your application around September 1 of an odd year and April 30 of an even year, the fee is $149.

The following are the application fees for registered contractors:

  • When you apply around May 1 of an odd year and August 31 of an even year, the fee is $309.
  • When you send in your application around September 1 of an even year and April 30 of an odd year, the fee is $209.

What are the Requirements for Florida Painting License?

To apply for a general contractor license in Florida, you must satisfy certain qualifying conditions, which include the following:

  • Be at least 18 years
  • Possess a Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Posses at least four years of industry experience in their trade, or a good mix of work experience and education in their trade Demonstrate financial stability

Steps to Apply for Florida Painting License

  1. Apply for both the Contractor License examination and the Business and Finance Exam

You should register for both exams with Professional Testing Inc. (PTI), which could be applied via phone at 407-264-0562 or online at

Note that the contractor license exams you plan to take will be for the general contractor’s contract administration and project management sections (general contractor’s license that does not restrict the areas or types of work you might conduct, such as painting).

  1. Pay Exam Fees

The contractor license exam, as per reports, costs $215. This includes the $135 PTI exam fee and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) fee. If you want to pay by credit or debit, you may make a single payment of $215.

If you feel like paying by check, assist in making the first check for $135 reimbursed to “Professional Testing Inc.” and the second check for $135 receivable to the DBPR. It should be noted that both checks are to be forwarded to PTI, who shall send the $80 check to the DBPR.

  1. Notify Pearson VUE

You should notify Pearson VUE once you have obtained approval to try the Business and Finance Exam by mail. Pearson VUE provides excellent exams that enable professionals to confirm and permit persons who protect and develop their communities. It is important to note that you will obtain approval after applying for the contractor exam.

  1. Prepare for Both Exams

It is essential that you prepare for both exams. Individuals can get self-study resources from the DBPR website, which will incorporate almost painting materials. They could also bring secondary sources into the examination room during the exam.

  1. Pass the Construction, Business, and Finance Exams

Have in mind that in order to pass the exam, you must attain a passing mark of 70% on each segment. Do not neglect to bring your social security number forms to the exam site to prove that you are eligible to take the exam. The contractor exam will require you to respond to 120 questions, while the business and finance exam will require you to respond to 120 questions.

  1. Request Your Authentic License

When you have passed your standardized tests, you should apply to the DBPR for an actual license. has a request form that you can download.

From May 1 of any even year to August 31 of any odd year, including a $249 fee with your license application. This service charge will increase to $149 from September 1st of any odd year to April 30th of any even year. This license is usually renewed biannually.