Choosing the highest-paying jobs in Florida is done by analyzing all states in the country, before ranking and scoring the jobs.

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) classifies an occupational level as “detailed”; other SOC levels, such as major, minor, and broad, were excluded because they were too general in their occupational titles. The annual mean wage for occupations was chosen based on this classification.

The hourly mean wage for occupations, with occupations chosen in accordance with the Standard Occupational Classification of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which classifies an occupational level as “detailed”; other SOC levels, such as major, minor, and broad, were excluded because they had too general of an occupational title.

Highest Paying Jobs in Florida

  1. Anesthesiologists

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Florida, the annual salary is approximately $363,570. Anesthesiologists provide anesthesia, direct the Anesthesia Care Team, and oversee patient care before, during, and after surgery in order to maximize patient safety.

Vital bodily processes, such as heartbeat and rhythm, respiration, body temperature, blood pressure, and fluid balance should be monitored and managed for the patient. Anesthesiologists are experts in critical care medicine, the treatment of anesthesia, and pain control.

  1. Cardiologists

Cardiologists are another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. They make about $359,420 annual median wage in the state. Doctors who specialize in treating problems with the heart and blood vessels are called cardiologists.

They are involved in treating or preventing a variety of cardiovascular issues. They may also attend to other health conditions, such as those involving irregular heart rhythms, heart failure, or long-standing heart issues.

  1. Radiologists

This is another high-paying job in Florida, the average radiologist makes $318,530 median annual wage in the state. Radiologists are medical professionals who focus on employing medical imaging (radiology) methods (exams/tests) such as X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography, and ultrasound to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.

  1. Emergency Medicine Physicians

Emergency medicine physicians are yet another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. They make $313,590 annual median wage in the state. The rapid diagnosis and care of patients with serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries are handled by emergency medicine physicians.

  1. Airline Pilots

Airline pilots are people who control an airplane to move people or cargo from one place to another. They earn $232,600 annual mean wage in Florida. Aviators are employed by commercial airlines, businesses, or governments. A pilot for an airline may be an independent contractor or an employee.

It is imperative to know that a commercial pilot and an airline pilot are two different things. With a commercial pilot’s license, a pilot is able to do various operations for pay and hire. While an airline pilot requires a certificate to operate or fly as a captain.

  1. Flight Engineers

Flight engineers are yet another highest-paying career in Florida. They earn $232,600 annual mean wage in the state. A flight engineer, also known as an air mechanic, is a member of the aviation industry who is tasked with maintaining and keeping track of an aircraft’s systems and instrumentation while it is in flight. By getting different licenses necessary for these professions, flight engineers will have to be pilots or co-pilots.

  1. Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer (CEO) is a company’s most senior official. The average salary is approximately $215,050 annually. Although every business is different, CEOs are usually in charge of growing the business, boosting profitability, and in the case of publicly traded corporations, raising share prices. They oversee the company’s entire operations.

  1. Physicists

Physicists are scientist who focuses on the science of physics, which includes all of the interactions between matter and energy in the physical universe at all lengths and time scales. They study and observe natural phenomena. Physicists make $162,600 annual median wage in Florida.

  1. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers make over $147,420 per year in Florida. They meet the nation’s energy needs, by helping find oil and gas. Oil and gas extraction from deposits beneath the surface of the earth is a task for petroleum engineers. New techniques are also developed by them to recover gas and oil from older wells.

  1. Health Specialties Teachers (Postsecondary)

Health specialties postsecondary teachers include academics who instruct classes in the medical sciences; like dentistry, laboratory technology, medicine, public health, pharmacy, therapy, and veterinary medicine. They earn about $133,510 per year in Florida. Note that teachers of biological science and nursing are excluded.

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and information research scientists are among the highest earners in Florida, and they make about $132,170 on average median wage in the state. Computer and information research scientists develop and enhance computer hardware and software.

Their research experts use algorithms, which are collections of instructions that tell computers how to perform, build, and develop software.

  1. Sales Engineers

The sales engineers make $106,620 median annual wage in Florida. The gap between product development and sales departments is usually filled by them. They assist sales representatives in convincing prospects to choose their items, by using the applicable technical expertise. Sales engineers often have a full-time schedule in the United States of America.

  1. First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

First-line supervisors of police and detectives make $94,710 annual median wage in Florida. They manage police forces and occasionally collaborate with prosecutors, judges, and other legal professionals. The police chief, detective sergeant, lieutenant, police sergeant, police captain, and shift commander are a few roles that fall under this title.

It is imperative to know that first-line supervisor’s control and coordinate staff members’ everyday activities. They make sure that the production process runs smoothly and effectively in order to achieve the desired targets.

  1. Power Distributors and Dispatchers

The average power distributors and dispatchers make $81,800 median annual wage in Florida. The flow of energy as it moves from generating stations to substations and users is managed by power distributors and dispatchers also referred to as systems operators.

  1. Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

Elevator and escalator installers and repairers make $79,260 annual median wage in Florida. They assemble, install, maintain, and replace elevators, escalators, chairlifts, moving walkways, and other related equipment. They are sometimes called an elevator and escalator constructors or mechanics.

  1. Electrical Power line Installers and Repairers

The electrical power line installers and repairers make a $66,400 median annual wage in Florida. They establish and keep up the electrical grid, the system of power lines that transports electricity from power stations to consumers. They usually handle high-voltage electricity, which necessitates the utmost care.

  1. Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational therapy assistants make $65,370 annual median wage in Florida. They assist patients in acquiring, regaining, maintaining, and improving the abilities required for everyday life and employment. In contrast to occupational therapy aides, who normally carry out support tasks, occupational therapy assistants participate in providing therapy to patients.

  1. Health Education Specialists

Health education specialists who are also called health educators usually inform the public about lifestyle choices that support wellness. Through a range of services, they give back to their community while enhancing the health of their residents. They make $64,840 median annual wage in Florida.

Specialists in health education engage with people, families, and communities as well as public and private organizations to develop, carry out, monitor, and evaluate policies and programs that advance the health and well-being of the people.

  1. Chefs and Head Cooks

Chefs and head cooks are yet another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. They make $58,850 annual median wage in the country. In restaurants and other related establishments, head cooks are in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of the kitchen and the preparations of the food.

They oversee the kitchen workers and manage all food-related issues, such as keeping an eye on food supplies, devising new recipes, and planning menus. A chef is a skilled professional cook and tradesman who specializes in a particular cuisine and is trained in all elements of food preparation.

  1. Morticians, Undertakers, and Funeral Arrangers

The average mortician, undertaker, and funeral arrangers make $58,190 median annual wage in Florida. They are also known as an embalmer or an undertaker and prepares departed corpses for end-of-life arrangements by embalming, dressing, aesthetically improving, rebuilding, casketing, and in the end, adorning the body of the deceased. In smaller funeral homes, the mortuary tasks may be performed by the funeral director.

  1. Software Developer (Software Engineer)

Software developer earns about $90,744 per year in Florida. Computer software and applications are created, developed, and tested by software engineers. Their primary responsibilities and tasks include supervising and participating in programming activities, keeping an eye on and assessing system performance, and creating, and also implementing new features and programs.

Note that different firms may use different job titles for software developers. A software engineer is the most typical alternative job title for these experts; however, employers may also give more detailed job titles depending on a worker’s area of specialization or skill.

  1. Network Engineer

A network engineer is a competent technical specialist with the ability to plan, develop, and manage many types of networks, to ensure effective wireless network services, data, voice, and video communication and connectivity. Network engineers earn about $86,941 per year in Florida.

As a network engineer, your responsibilities will include establishing the networking environment through system configuration design, system installation management, and the definition, documentation, and enforcement of system standards. They create and apply fresh ideas, enhancing the environment’s resistance.

  1. IT Manager

The average IT manager makes $84,925 median annual wage in Florida. Creating an information technology strategy, looking for solutions, and overseeing staff are all duties of an IT manager.

Although the pay is lower than that of physicians and dentists, it is easy to become an IT manager in Canada. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or another related field is all that is required.

  1. Architects

Architects, also known as architectural designer, is in charge of creating distinctive and well-organized structures. They must visit with clients to learn about their goals, create building blueprints, and revise those plans as construction progresses to ensure maximum structural integrity. The average salary for an architect is $103,061 per year in Florida.

  1. Engineer Managers

Technical and engineering activities inside an organization are planned, supervised, and coordinated by engineering managers.

They are in charge of organizing projects and ensuring their smooth operation, as well as supervising and advising other engineers. By October 27, 2022, Florida had a $135,019 average engineering manager salary, while the range was normally between $121,410 and $149,554.

  1. Surgeons

Surgeons are yet another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. They make $397,012 annual median wage in Florida. The surgeon is in charge of the patient’s preoperative diagnosis, the surgery, and the patient’s following surgical care and treatment. The surgeon is also regarded as the captain of the surgical crew.

  1. Utility Manager

The average utility manager makes $84,925 median annual wage in Florida. Water, electricity, power, natural gas, and other utilities are under their control. They provide the facilities that deliver these utilities to people via distribution networks, as well as organize, direct, control, and evaluate them.

Utility Managers are among Florida’s highest-paying professions because, in contrast to the other professions mentioned, there is a greater demand than supply.

  1. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are yet another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. They make $230,298 annual median wage in Florida. Psychiatrists are physicians who focus on treating mental problems, particularly substance use disorders. They are trained to evaluate psychiatric issues on both mental and physical levels.

  1. Dentists

Dentists make a $178,627 median annual wage in Florida. They help people establish improved oral hygiene practices while also diagnosing and treating dental problems. To maintain the health of the teeth and mouth, they do procedures including extractions and surgeries, cleaning teeth, fixing bite problems, and other tasks.

Students must complete a 4-year master’s degree in dentistry in addition to a bachelor’s degree in order to practice dentistry in the United States of America (DDS).

  1. Business Systems Analyst

Business systems analysts are in charge of developing and analyzing a company’s business processes. These analytical professionals, also referred to as systems analysts, have both business and technological knowledge. Among the responsibilities are developing system protocols, estimating costs, and analyzing requirements. Florida’s state average pay for a business systems analyst is $60,678 annually.

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst (QAA)

The average quality assurance analyst makes a $60,097 median annual wage in Florida. The testing stage of the production process is usually handled by a quality assurance analyst to make sure that final goods adhere to business requirements, and also finds, records, and reproduces error codes, and flaws.

Report bugs to programmers when a product doesn’t work as expected while locating and suggesting fixes, enhancements, and upgrades.

  1. Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts make a $63,915 annual median wage in Florida. They are responsible for conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis. Performing both internal and external security audits.

Analyzing security breaches to identify the root cause. Continuously updating the company’s incident response and disaster recovery plans. Other responsibilities include monitoring for security breaches, investigating cyberattacks, and writing reports.

  1. Database Analyst

The average database analyst makes a $77,633 median annual wage in Florida.  Maintaining data storage, evaluating database design, and gathering, organizing, and interpreting statistical statistics based on the data in the database are all responsibilities of the database analyst.

Data analyst spends days, sifting through enormous data and putting it to use for the organization. This involves activities like data system analysis, information retrieval automation, and report preparation that demonstrates to management how this data may be used in their business model.

  1. IT Business Analysts

IT business analysts make $80,121 annual median wage in Florida. They facilitate communication between IT personnel and top management by translating the stakeholders’ business objectives into concrete deliverables and managing their technical development.

They examine the data flow and forecast what infrastructure modifications will be required, as the company expands. Within a company, business analysts can be found working on a range of teams. They collaborate with project managers and system analysts as part of analytics teams.

  1. IT Project Managers

The IT project managers make $74,582 median annual wage in Florida.  They are also known as information technology project managers, who plan, organize and execute technological projects for a business or client. Their responsibilities include organizing production releases and roll-outs, assigning work to the appropriate staff members, and giving presentations on the status and outcomes of projects.

  1. Registered Nurses

Registered nurses collaborate with other medical specialists to assist in the treatment of patients who have illnesses, injuries, or disabilities.

They are responsible for discussing patients’ requirements with physicians and other nurses, providing IVs and medications to improve their patient’s health, and utilizing medical equipment to track patients’ vital signs. They make about $72,000 per year (or $34.62 per hour) in Florida. Note that the pay rate may depend on the level of experience, education, and geographical location.

  1. Cloud Architect

The computing architecture of an enterprise is usually the responsibility of the cloud architect. Their duties include defining computing requirements, creating and deploying applications to the cloud, and monitoring cloud activity. They also offer guidance on how to handle dangerous circumstances.

Due to the importance and expansion of cloud computing, cloud architects usually enjoy excellent job security. In numerous industries, including technology, business, finance, education, health, and government, their abilities are priceless and essential. The estimated total pay for a cloud architect is $149,682 per year in Florida.

  1. Accountant

An average accountant earns a median yearly salary of $56,035 in Florida. The management and reporting of an organization’s financial data is the responsibility of an accountant or accountant professional. They are responsible for creating financial statements, reviewing and evaluating a company’s books, and ensuring that financial reporting and other accepted accounting practices are followed.

  1. Financial and Investment Analysts

Financial and investment analysts assemble data, do research, and evaluate assets including stocks, bonds, money, and commodities. To become authorities in their disciplines, investment analysts may concentrate on particular specialties, such as a sector, an area of the world, or an asset class.

Regardless of the degree, having strong quantitative capabilities, expert problem-solving skills, a mastery of logic, and above-average communication skills are necessary for a career as a financial analyst. Florida’s state average income for a financial analyst is $91,990 annually.

  1. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

The chief investment officers usually are responsible for leading a group of specialists who manage and monitor investment activities, look after pension funds, collaborate with outside analysts, and uphold strong investor relations. They also create policies for both short- and long-term investments.

The CIO will successfully oversee portfolio developments, manage investment teams, and complete all fund transactions. As of September 26, 2022, CIO’s salary average was $350,700 in Florida.

  1. Medical Billing Manager

A medical billing manager makes a $98,431 median annual wage in Florida. They oversee all services related to medical billing and coding, including processing and managing insurance policies and claims and assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in obtaining reimbursements from insurance companies and Medicare.

Note that you must possess both a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related discipline, and an advanced degree (such as an MBA, MPH, PMP, or Six Sigma Black Belt) in order to be considered for the position of company house manager.

  1. Lecturers

Lecturers make a $58121 annual median wage in Florida. University students are taught by lecturers in their specialized fields. Along with direct teaching, this also includes developing instructional materials, getting ready for tutorials and seminars, and marking student work.

You must have a strong degree pass in the subject you intend to teach, such as a first-class or upper-second-class. Additionally, you must have earned or been pursuing a postgraduate masters or Ph.D. degree.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

The average immigration lawyer makes a $78,585 median annual wage in Florida. They guide clients through the challenging process of moving to a new nation, also providing advice on how to apply for visas, green cards, and citizenship. They represent their clients in court when they are deported or have other immigration-related legal issues.

  1. Plant Manager

Managers make a $169,858 annual median wage in Florida. They oversee a manufacturing or production facility and are involved in both short- and long-term strategies for the business. In some larger factories, they might be tasked with overseeing a specific sector, but usually, they are in charge of the entire plant’s operations.

  1. Ship Captain

The average ship captain makes a $60780 median annual wage in Florida. A licensed mariner with overall command and control of the navigation, maneuvering, cargo handling, stowage, communications, and safe handling of the ship is known as the ship captain/chief mate. They make sure the ships abide by local, national, and international laws as well as port and flag state regulations.

  1. Estate Surveyor and Valuer

Estate surveyors and valuers make $69,153 annual median wage in Florida. They are responsible for directing and supervising an interest in landed properties with the aim of helping the owners of such properties realize the returns. They make an impact on both the general welfare of the populace and its development.

  1. Civil Engineers

Civil engineers make $81,230 median annual wage in Florida. In the public and commercial sectors, civil engineers plan, design, develop, supervise, operate, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects and systems, including highways, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment.

  1. Pharmacists

Pharmacists make $138,263 annual median wage in Florida. Healthcare professionals who work in pharmacies are called pharmacists. They are involved in every step of providing patients with drugs. They prepare and package medication that has been prescribed by a doctor and sell over-the-counter medicine.

  1. Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers make $77,208 median annual wage in Florida. A mechanical engineer can work in design and production, energy and the environment, robotics and mechatronics, or automotive design. With a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree, you could also work as an aviation engineer.

  1. Astronaut

Lastly, astronauts are yet another set of professionals that make reasonable money in Florida. As a matter of fact, astronauts that work with NASA in the state earn $78682 annual median wage. Individuals who have undergone specific training to travel to space are known as astronauts.

The duties of an astronaut aboard a spaceship can vary. Usually, a pilot and a commander work together to lead the mission. Other positions could be science pilot, mission expert, payload commander, and flight engineer.