How long background checks take in Florida will vary based on how you complete them. If you only want criminal history information from the state, it can take around seven days. If you intend to search through local court records, the process can take several weeks.

Have in mind that background check service providers in Florida can take several hours or up to two days, depending on the types of information you request.

What is a Background Check?

A background check is a service that allows the user to validate that someone is who they claim they are. Background checks are commonly used to obtain information such as someone’s criminal record, education, and employment history but may also include arrest records, associate interviews, address information, location history, etc.

In the state of Florida, certain background check records are subject to limitations under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA. According to reports, these records include civil lawsuits, judgments against an applicant, arrest records, and paid tax liens. The FCRA also puts in place a few extra restrictions on Florida employers.

Additionally, the FCRA mandates employers who carry out background checks to guarantee that the information in the report is current and accurate. If it is not, an applicant still maintains the right to dispute the background check’s contents, and this will trigger an investigation by the reporting agency.

Note that if the investigation proves the report is inaccurate, the applicant and employer will both get written notices. If employers or background check service providers fail to comply with this set of requirements, applicants may be entitled to file a claim under the FCRA.

You can carry out a background check by working with the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement especially since they maintain a central repository of state criminal records.

Factors That Can Cause Pre-Employment Background Check Delays in Florida

Truth be told, estimates on the number of days to carry out a background check in Florida are just that: estimates. Although most background check service providers will strive to achieve quicker turnaround times, variables beyond control can affect the number of days it takes to carry out the check. Nevertheless, here are just a few of the factors that can cause delays.

  1. Weekends

You need to understand that the time it takes to carry out a background check as noted above is on business days. It simply entails that if you order a check right before a weekend, it will add to the total time of the screening process.

  1. Closures

Note that certain closures can also influence the time it takes to carry out a background check in the State. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all county courts, businesses, educational institutions, and other offices in the state were either closed or operating reduced hours.

Also note that holidays, national emergencies, or other events can cause closures, too. These closures will affect how long it takes to obtain information, causing the vetting process to take longer.

  1. Extra steps

Without doubts, a multi-step screening process will take longer. For example, an employer may begin by running an alias and address history check on a candidate and then use that information to run county, state, federal, or multi-jurisdictional criminal record searches. Have in mind that these additional steps will add to the processing time.

  1. International checks

Also, note that investigations in other countries can be more challenging and complex than running checks in the state of Florida. Owing to that, the length of time it takes to run an international background check will always be longer.

Selecting the Right Background Check Company in Florida

Turnaround times are not always that important especially when it comes to background checks. If provided with the option of between a quick screening and a thorough one, most people will opt for a more thorough screening. Owing to that, here are the top background check companies in Florida to consider;

  1. IntelliCorp

Established in 1996, this company is renowned as one of the most popular and affordable background screening services for individuals, employers, and landlords. They offer very detailed background screening for employers in the healthcare sector where there are stricter regulatory requirements.

According to reports, all their packages are divided into three tiers that vary from basic state-only reports to federal reports to reports that validate educational background and professional references. They can also carry out other types of checks, such as drug use.

  1. Edge

Edge Employment Screening is one of the best state records search services in the state of Florida and they are well recognized for excellence by HRO. Founded in the early 1990s, they are known to offer their services to companies of all sizes and even operate internationally.

Coupled with the typical background screening services (with on-site fingerprinting), note that they also offer drug tests as well as I-9 E-Verification services to guarantee that businesses are hiring legally. Edge’s software can work with several high-profile applicant tracking systems, such as iCIMS and HRNX.

  1. First Advantage

First Advantage is another top option to consider as they help businesses manage contingent worker risk. Note that they carry out all types of background checks, such as a specific Florida background check that requires fingerprints and requesting data from FBI sources. They boast of working with more than 35,000 organizations in over 14 countries and have numerous offices throughout the US.

  1. Applicant Insight

Another very reputable service for public records check in Florida and beyond, Applicant Insight has been in the business since 1990. They are accredited by the BSCC and have HR Open Standards and C-TPA certifications.

This background checks company works across several industries and offers detailed screening services for, amongst others, occupational health, drivers, etc. Although their user interface is slightly outdated, their behind-the-scenes technology is top-notch with proprietary HR solutions that can integrate with HRIS and ATS systems.

  1. ESR

ESR boasts of being among the top 1% of screening services with a top-class level of certification and has been noted on numerous occasions by HR industry bodies. Compliance with industry standards and regulations remains one of their primary goals and you can find all their certifications on their website.

According to reports, this makes them one of the most trusted sources for a Florida public records check. They are also active both in the US and abroad and offer drug, occupational health, and other checks alongside typical background checks.