As you enter the professional world, you will learn that the corporate world isn’t always fair. You may learn this first hand if you aren’t paid well enough or end up without a job due to discrimination or harassment. Luckily, you can do something about it. If you feel like you haven’t been treated fairly at work, talk to an employment attorney about employment law in Jacksonville.

Minimum Wage in Jacksonville Florida

Minimum wage is put into place to ensure people make a certain amount of money per hour for their time. Any employer who pays under this rate is doing something illegal. Now, minimum wage varies from state to state. In Jacksonville, Florida, regular employees must be paid a minimum wage of $8.46 and tipped employees must be paid a minimum wage of $5.44.

If you are getting paid less than the minimum wage, you need to take action. First, you need to be able to prove your case. Record the hours you work and your pay. This will help determine if you are getting paid less than minimum wage.

There are a number of ways an employer may be paying you less than you legally deserve. One example is when someone is on salary but get forced to work insane amounts of overtime. Another situation could be getting paid a certain amount to do a job that takes much longer than originally expected.

In some cases, some employers simply pay underneath the required wage. Be sure to call a lawyer when you have your evidence together. They can help you get the money you deserve. They can also help ensure no people get unfair pay in the future, too.

Unlawful Conduct In The Workplace

The workplace should be a safe place. However, some people do things to make it unsafe or uncomfortable. In many cases, these activities are illegal. Examples of unlawful conduct in the workplace include sexual harassment and discrimination.

Sexual harassment is when someone makes unwanted sexual advances or unwanted sexual remarks at the workplace. Employers have a responsibility to take action if an employee complains about sexual harassment. There are also laws in place to protect you from your employer firing you if you file a complaint.

Discrimination is when someone isn’t given a fair opportunity or is treated differently due to their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or age. When you prepare for court, you should be ready with evidence about the harassment or discrimination.

Don’t forget that you are tasked with the burden of proof as the plaintiff. You also need to be thoughtful about the statute of limitations. If the offense happened years ago, the statute of limitations may already be up.

This means that you won’t be able to pursue the case. The statute of limitations varies based on state to state. Act quickly to avoid a problem. If you experience either sexual harassment or discrimination, call an employment attorney to help you.

Unemployment Offices in Jacksonville

When you are unemployed, you may go to the unemployment office to get benefits to support yourself while you are in between jobs. To accomplish this, you may go to the unemployment office. They will ask for information about your last position. You will need to bring in things like your last pay stub.

You will also have to show that you were let go or fired from the position. You may not be able to get benefits if you quit. Employers are aware of this. They may claim you quit instead of being fired. There are a number of reasons you could get fired that would disqualify you from getting benefits. If this happens to you, you need help.

First, you need to collect as much evidence as possible about your departure from the company. This could include emails or text messages. You’re looking to prove that you were let go. A lawyer will help you use your information to get your benefits (if you qualify).

Once you get benefits, you will need to prove that you are looking for a job. You will also need to certify every other week. Failure to do wither one of these things can result in you not getting your benefits. When this happens, you may need your attorney’s help to receive your benefits again.

When You Need An Attorney

It’s important to know exactly when you need an expert in employment law in Jacksonville. First, you need to carefully examine your situation. Some questions to ask yourself right off the bat include:

  • How long ago did you leave your employer?
  • What was the reason for the separation?
  • What are you looking to get?
  • Was your employer at fault in any way?
  • What proof do you have?
  • Is it worth going through litigation?

Answering these questions will be able to help you determine if you actually need an attorney.
First, you need an attorney if you were let go without good reason. If you suspect discrimination, you should look for proof of this discrimination.

However, it can be difficult to obtain this proof. You can find this proof by demonstrating what a good employee you were. If you were one of the top reasons, it’s unlikely they let you go for performance. You’ll also need an attorney if someone makes advances toward you after you ask them to stop.

Make sure you go to HR to report the problem to give the company a chance to address the issue properly. Once again, you should also have plenty of evidence to show that harassment did take place. No one should worry about their own safety or job security for unfair reasons.

We have laws in place to protect employees, but not all employers follow the law. When an employer makes a mistake that directly affects you and your livelihood, you need to take action. This will give people more power to protect themselves in the future. Contact us for more information about employment law in Jacksonville.