When people are working in the Miami area, they need to know how to work within the unemployment system, how to protect themselves, and how to work with attorneys when needed. There are a few employment laws in Miami that are important to understand, and there are also federal laws that determine how people are handled at work.

What is the Minimum Wage In Florida?

The minimum wage in Miami is $8.46 per Florida law. That minimum wage has been mandated across the state, and it may not seem like it is enough when people are living and working in certain areas of Miami. Miami is an expensive city to live in, and that wage is often seen as inadequate. The minimum wage for tipped workers is $5.44.

This is very important to know because businesses that pay less than minimum wage should be reported. These companies are in violation of state law, and they could be held liable for their violation. The business could be made to pay back wages, and they should also be made to pay damages if the worker has suffered undue stress or medical distress because they were not compensated properly.

Minimum wage could change at any time, but it is already lower than it is in other affluent areas of America. The minimum wage may also be cut by an employer as they claim that they offer other benefits that make up for the lost wages. This is not true. Someone who does not offer minimum wage is violating the law and the trust of their employees.

How Do You Handle Unlawful Conduct In The Workplace?

Someone who is faced with unlawful conduct in the workplace should connect with an employment lawyer for assistance. Employment laws in Miami can be upheld using the courts, and the lawyer will ensure that the business is held liable in court. In a lot of cases, a business will receive a letter notifying the company of the allegations. The business can make changes or even rectify the situation.

If the company is engaged in a pattern of poor conduct, it should be investigated by local officials. These investigations might uncover other problems, and some people may need to levy several charges against their employers. For example, a company or employee of that company be guilty of:

  • Sexual harassment
  • A toxic work environment
  • Improperly compensating workers
  • Creating an unsafe work environment

Companies that are not acting properly may also be liable for not handling workers’ compensation cases properly. Companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and all workers who are hurt on the job should be given the proper care regardless of fault. Companies that are not managing their workers properly could be in violation of both federal and state law.

How Do You Work With Unemployment Offices In Miami?

When people are looking for help with unemployment assistance, they can go to offices around the Miami-Dade area to receive compensation. People need to know that they can reach out to unemployment services as soon as possible after losing a job.

The paperwork is easy to complete, and most of this paperwork can be filled out online. The unemployment checks can be directly deposited to the proper bank account, and it is easy for people to get the payments the day they are sent out.

The unemployment office is often very busy, and there may be long wait times. It might be wise to call and make an appointment before going in to speak with someone. Also, many unemployment items can be handled on the phone. The unemployed can handle much of what they need online, and they can follow up with a caseworker over email if they like.

The unemployment offices in the Miami area all serve the general population. Most people will want to go to the office that is closest to their home. They might want to go to the office that is close to the places where they are applying, and they can even go to the office that has time to meet with them.

When Do You Need An Attorney?

Workers need an attorney to make sure that they can protect their rights when they have not been treated properly at work. The attorney can investigate the case, and they can even work with the employer to resolve the problem. Employees who have been violated at work should ensure that they have an attorney on retainer.

An attorney can file a lawsuit against an employer, and they can request damages or coverage depending on the situation. People also need an attorney when they have been fired improperly or they are afraid to go to work. It is very difficult for people to keep a job if their employer is acting improperly, and it may also be difficult for that employee to get another job in the future.

Everyone who needs an attorney should be prepared to pay a portion of their compensation to the lawyer after the case is over. The lawyer does not get paid until they win the case, and all clients must understand that they should not pay upfront. These clients will get to meet with their lawyers for a consultation, and that is the best time for the employee to learn about their case, their options, and how much they are owed.

Anyone who has problems at work or needs to go on unemployment should make an appointment to see a lawyer as soon as possible. It is much easier for employees to learn about their rights when they have an attorney working with them.

For example, someone who has been terminated wrongly can get their job back with compensation. Someone who was harassed at work can sue for damages, and someone who is not able to get unemployment should make sure that they work with a lawyer who will protect their rights.

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