Yes. There are few recycling franchise opportunities in Florida, particularly for those seeking to become green entrepreneurs while also going the franchise route. The Sunshine State is well-known for its emphasis on waste management and reduction.

It should be noted that the Florida Legislature put in place a state-level weight-based recycling objective of 75% by 2020 in the Energy, Climate Change, and Economic Security Act of 2008. The legislation mandated the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop reporting guidelines and required counties to submit yearly reports.

The Legislature as well set short-term recycling targets of 40% by 2012, 50% by 2014, 60% by 2016, and 70% by 2018. Florida met its short-term goals set for 2012 and 2014; but regrettably, Florida was unable to attain the 2016 intervening period goal of 60%, and the recycling rate has been decreasing since then.

Florida’s recycling rate in 2018 was still 49%, losing track of the short-term recycling goal of 70% set for 2018. And with all the focus on the disease outbreak in 2020, some still observed that Florida had been unable to achieve the objective laid by the Legislature in 2010 of recycling 75% of all trash by 2020.

If you are considering joining the Florida recycling industry, note that you can get to be your own boss by leveraging the franchise route. You can operate within your own timeline while still working another job, taking holiday, or spending time with friends and family.

The majority of recycling franchise opportunities in Florida demand a relatively modest initial investment. You could also be expected to possess an outlined net worth and liquidity, as well as a credit score that has been endorsed. Small Business Association loans and financing, 401k rollovers, home equity lines of credit, equipment financing, and third-party loans are all possible funding sources.

To be honest, many Floridians still fantasize about increasing their earnings and doing values-based work. With the multiple recycling franchise opportunities in the state, you can make your fantasies come true.

Top Recycling Franchise Opportunities in Florida

Here are some of the best recycling franchise opportunities in the state to take into account if you want to make your dreams a reality;

  1. Clothes Bin®

This is among the nation’s “Top 500 Franchises,” which focuses on clothing and textile recycling. Since its inception in 2014, they have already spread to 15+ states, with its attention focused on the whole nation. As a franchisee, you may offer your customers the choice of junk removal and/or dumpster rental, along with eco-friendly, zero-waste options for donating and recycling their useless stuff.

  1. Dudez’s Dumpster

This franchisor provides the perfect opportunity that enables you to operate from home. As franchise owners, you can work exclusively from home; however, you must have adequate storage room for your dumpsters and trucks.

With a Dumpster Dudez franchise, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and fluidity that small business entrepreneurship provides, while also benefiting from the sponsorship, advice, and assistance of a significantly bigger corporate structure.

3. Trinity Water

Trinity Water Solutions provides water recycling chemicals and solutions in a single location. Trinity Water Solutions provides a low-cost investment option with significant upside rewards.

They provide a franchise opportunity unlike any other by utilizing their well-established business model, green technology, and decades of expertise. Trinity Water Solutions’ main objective is to offer their clients the latest environmentally innovative products, technology, and service.

4. Redbox+

With more than 280 outlets nationwide and the company’s patented 2-in-1 roll-off dumpster and portable toilet combination, redbox+ dumpster operators are primed and ready for expansion as they attempt to provide more practical and efficient waste removal services.

Putting money in a redbox+ dumpsters waste removal enterprise offers you direct connections to one of the most advanced education or professional systems in franchising.

5. Smash My Trash

Smash My Trash is a patent-pending, incredibly disruptive system developed to revamp the commercial waste industry. Smash My Trash is an environmentally friendly 15-minute provider that compresses commercial garbage in garbage containers and lessens haul amounts by 70% on average, significantly lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

It is feasible and does not necessitate any special equipment. Smash My Trash franchisees establish their disruptive enterprises with the mentoring, assistance, brand recognition, national sales existence, and strategic partnerships that Smash My Trash has established.

6. Junk-It

Junk-It is a comprehensive junk removal firm that can help any customer, entrepreneur, foreclosure property manager, or anyone else.

The primary objective of Junk-It so far has been to retool the market by creating a technology-driven business management franchise in a conventionally low industry. It is worth noting that their online booking software is widely regarded as the finest in the sector.


In terms of franchise fees and investment requirements, every franchise and service group presents its own issues to consider.

Some key considerations include heavy physical strain for junk haulers, the loud surroundings of paper shredding, trying to deal with dog excrement and dogs of various personality types, and much more. Even though there are disparities in workplace practices, the liberty, and enthusiasm of having your own company are incomparable.