If you live in Florida, the type of flooring you settle for will go a long way to determine how comfortable and accommodating your home will be. If you get it wrong with the type of flooring you use for your house, you may spend money in the long run to maintain the flooring or you may even spend more to replace the flooring.

Flooring is important in a building because it provides structural support for the interior of a building. Flooring is a surface finish that may contribute to the look, feel, and acoustics of a space. Your choice of flooring can be influenced by a lot of factors and that is why people hardly go for wooding flooring in Florida.

For example, during warm and humid summers, your hardwood floor will absorb moisture from the air, swelling and expanding as a result. This expansion can create pressure between the boards, which can cause the boards to warp, cup, or crack. Tile flooring is the best choice if you suffer from allergies or are concerned about the quality of air in your home.

Carpet fibers trap a lot of pollen, dust, dirt, and pet dander — and a simple vacuum doesn’t get rid of it. Carpet is perfectly fine for Florida homes, though where you install them in your home is something else. Having said that, here are the best flooring for Florida homes.

5 Best Flooring for Florida Homes

  1. Ceramic Tile

One of the floorings that are ideal for Florida homes is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are tiles that are made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials, such as sand, quartz, and water. Ceramic tiles are constructed by being fired at a very high temperature to reduce the water content of the clay and give the clay shape. Ceramic tile flooring is primarily used in houses, restaurants, offices, shops, and so on, as bathroom walls and kitchen floor surfaces. They are easy to fit, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and are available at reasonable prices. Ceramic tile is the most popular flooring option for Florida homes. Ceramic tile flooring is a great choice for the Florida environment, especially in areas that sweat through high humidity levels.

  1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is yet another flooring that is ideal for Florida homes. Porcelain tiles are made from dense natural clay. Once the mixture is ready, it is molded and pressed into the desired shape and fired at an extremely high temperature and for a longer time to eradicate almost 100% of the moisture.

The major reason why porcelain tile flooring is good for Florida homes is that the tiles are tough and water-resistant, which enables them to take on the excessive moisture in the Florida atmosphere without taking it in and harboring mold or mildew.

  1. Laminated Wood

Another ideal flooring that is suitable for Florida homes is laminated wood flooring. The reason why people use laminated wood flooring in Florida is that laminated wood flooring is resistant to moisture, and this type of flooring does not move or expand when in contact with moisture, which makes it great for Florida weather. Laminated wood flooring is a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways, and it is easier on the feet than vinyl due to its thicker composition. Although, this product should not be installed on concrete slabs or any room that will expose it to high humidity.

  1. Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank is yet another suitable flooring that can be installed in homes in Florida. Unlike laminated flooring which can be affected by higher heat and humidity levels, luxury vinyl plank floors are perfectly safe in South Florida homes where these things can cause damage to more water-sensitive flooring types.

Despite the fact that vinyl plank is good, you should also keep in mind that vinyl plank might not increase the value of your home as much as laminate flooring. However, vinyl flooring can still make all the difference in how long your floors will last.

Some of the reasons why people usually don’t use vinyl flooring in Florida include:

  • Vinyl flooring cannot be repaired.
  • Vinyl flooring can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Vinyl flooring has a shorter lifespan than wood floors.
  • Vinyl flooring has no impact, or negative impact, on home resale value.
  • Vinyl flooring is difficult to remove, especially if the adhesive is used during installation.
  • Vinyl flooring is not eco-friendly; difficult to recycle.
  1. Rubber Flooring

Lastly, another flooring that is suitable for homes in Florida is rubber flooring. This is so because rubber flooring is made from natural or synthetic materials, including recycled rubber tires. Rubber flooring is categorized as resilient flooring because it exhibits characteristics of elasticity or ‘bounce’. Interlocking tiles and basic rolls are the two main types of rubber flooring used in residential and commercial applications.

Many people use rubber flooring in their homes because rubber flooring is very durable. This is why it is so often used in athletic spaces like gyms. A well-cared-for rubber floor can last for up to 20 years or more. Rubber works well in high-traffic spaces and is less likely to scuff, dent, tear, or wear than other floor coverings.

In Conclusion,

Flooring is an important part of a building and if you get it wrong, it might bring down the value of your facility. In as much as our first interaction with a facility is visual, the first physical contact a person will have with your space is the flooring. It serves as a foundation for your design and can ultimately impact its overall success.