Walmart deems any staff member operating 34 hours or over per week to be full-time, though everyone operating 30 hours or more per week is qualified for health insurance. Walmart employees still have efficient 39 to 40-hour timelines thanks to team schedules.

Walmart is converting most of its employees to full-time positions, with the aim of getting two-thirds of its U.S. store hourly jobs converted to full-time positions with more stable employment schedules. Walmart stated that 740,000 of its 1.2 million hourly store employees in the United States would work full-time.

This means that it may have approximately 110,000 more full-time employees than it did just five years ago. Walmart hires approximately 1.5 million people in the United States, including employees at Sam’s Club, and fulfillment centers, as well as in corporate and management roles.

Walmart’s increased emphasis on full-time jobs coincides with the creation of a team-based formation in its stores, in which communities of eight to twelve workers work together in a zone of a store, such as gadgets or clothing, and thus are cross-trained.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Working Full-Time at Walmart

  1. Excellent Perks

The perks provided by Walmart are widely contested among both current and former staff. Several believe the perks are insufficient, whereas others believe they are extremely charitable.

Walmart provides health care coverage, coaching, as well as education costs credits. Walmart also provides retail discounts, 401(k) participation, Roth IRA options, and other benefits. While researching a prospective job, benefits are an essential aspect to take into account.

That’s because perks are just what would aid you monetarily in the future if you have a sudden medical or monetary condition. Walmart has a variety of compensation packages that can assist you in these circumstances.

  1. Opportunities for Advancement

Since Walmart is constantly evolving and expanding, there are continual possibilities for advancement. As they progress up the corporate ladder, numerous Walmart workers have served in a variety of departments. Several workers began as young individuals in entry-level positions and have progressed to management roles.

  1. Longevity and Paid Time Off

Your perks grow as you gain time and expertise at Walmart. Walmart values your devotion if you have worked for the company for a long time. As your skills develop, so does the sum of paid time off (PTO) you receive. If you are a devoted Walmart staff member, you could get up to 4 weeks of compensated time off each year.

  1. Job Security

At Walmart, there are constant career options. Patrons are constantly going to walk through Walmart’s entrances or use their internet shopping services. Such assurances are valid both in Walmart stores and at Walmart’s corporate headquarters. Truck drivers are continually in demand since food and goods must be delivered to Walmart.

  1. Opportunities for Training

Since people are frequently recruited and transferred, Walmart has placed a high priority on its training programs. This guarantees that everyone must be trained properly for the tasks they were recruited for. Once you start a new job at Walmart, someone else will teach you to carry out a good job.

  1. Work that is Simple and Quick

Certain job vacancies you can apply for at Walmart are generally simple. The day-to-day obligations are not incredibly hard, despite the fact that they can be physically demanding, and handling clients can be extremely challenging. The activity is fast-paced because of the large number of tasks that must be completed on a regular basis.

As a result, the day will fly by, and your shift will be finished before you realize it. Most employees believe that fast-paced work is preferable to a slow-paced shift.

  1. Difficult Working Conditions

Walmart staff members are the same as any other employees; they are individuals trying to make ends meet for themselves as well as their households. Nevertheless, owing to stringent absence regulations, demanding routines as well as hours, and other factors, it could be a detrimental workplace.

Promotions as well as advancement opportunities can put work colleagues in challenging situations, and long hours can indeed leave anyone drained and cranky. The atmosphere at Walmart could have a negative impact on your bodily and psychological health.

  1. Absence Policy

The stringent absence policy is among the most frequent criticisms among Walmart workers. If you have a vitiating situation in your life, it is extremely challenging to obtain a pass or time off work. As a result, in the event of an ailment or tragedy in your household, or any other unforeseen situation, the extent to which you will be given a pass is entirely dependent on your supervisor.

  1. Customers

Customers are enumerated as the major disadvantages of working at Walmart on any career site. Walmart works hard to keep its costs low for its clients.

This could expressly result in a feeling of unearned privilege toward clients, which is something most major retailers confront on a regular basis. If you don’t have tough skin, mean as well as irate customers could be a major disadvantage of functioning at Walmart.

  1. Physically Exhausting

Be it stockpiling racks, driving vehicles, or operating at a cash register, almost every task at Walmart seems to have a physical element. Every one of these jobs necessitates long periods of standing, sitting, carrying heavy objects, and doing other activities. If you are not in decent shape or are physically handicapped, this is going to be a difficult job for you.

  1. Inadequate Healthcare Coverage

Finally, healthcare coverage is the number one major criticism of Walmart staff as well as ex-workers. Walmart provides health insurance benefits, but it doesn’t cover distinct medical expenses. Whenever it relates to perks, poor healthcare coverage is indeed a massive drawback.

  1. Revolving Door in Management

Leadership at Walmart is continually shifting as even more possibilities close and open. Even though this implies more chances for advancement, which is a positive factor, it also implies that management standards have increased. As a worker, shifting standards could be challenging because you might not understand what is required of you. Furthermore, this could also complicate coworker connections in an established work environment.


Walmart is an attractive employer if you are physically capable of doing the job, are ready to collaborate on a flexible schedule, and are a prompt individual who seldom skips work. If you need a position that will enable you to compensate for your education, provide you with insurance as well as 401k contributions, and provide you with advancement possibilities, this could be a wonderful job for you.