Workplace StressWe all go to work for the sole purpose of making a living and provide for our families. Your employer needs to ensure the workplace follows some of the labor guidelines to ensure your safety, both mentally and physically. Having a clean and safe environment helps increase your productivity in the company.

The employees’ grievances are to be heard and addressed on time to ensure the employee has high morale to work. Sadly, the issue of harassment in the workplace is something ignored or brushed off in most establishments. You can get threatened by your superior or one of your subordinates, and you need to report it to the human resource manager.

The department is there to protect you as an employee and uphold the organization’s rules and policies. Do not keep quiet or ignore a threat. It will only get worse. These are some of the things you can do if you are ever threatened in the workplace.

1. Assess the Threat

You may find yourself in situations at the workplace that feel threatening. Trust your instincts, and if something doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t. You need to assess and know if the person threatening you has a history of violence and how aggressive they have been in the past.

Take note of their tone and behavior during the time you felt threatened. People have different personalities. Some people come on too strong, and it may appear as a joke to them, but you feel threatened and uncomfortable.

Assess the situation, tell them to stop, and if the insults and threatening messages don’t stop, go ahead and report it to your superiors and the human resource department. Every organization has its laws and policies that protect employees’ rights. To make a case when this person gets investigated, you need to keep a record of all the threats you got through email and phone messages as proof.

2. Respond Appropriately

Whenever you feel threatened in the workplace, you need to speak up, or else the threat will turn into action and result in you getting hurt. Two people are not the same, and you don’t know the anger issues that people have. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel threatened by physical violence or verbal abuse, you need to remove yourself from the space physically.

Walk away, and avoid a confrontation because they may tip over the edge and violently abuse you. You can try to handle things on your own and talk to them to calm them down, but it is not guaranteed that they won’t hurt you. No matter how much you want to save that person’s career, you need to protect yourself and others by coming forward and filing a complaint with the human resource department.

You are probably not the only one they have done that to, and your calm response could help avert physical violence in the work environment. Knowing that you could save someone else from ever going through that horrifying experience is comforting.

3. Report It

When you talk to the person threatening you and the threats continue, you need to file a written report with your supervisor and state clearly what happened, where, and how. Give as many details as you can remember. If you have some evidence, present it and wait to see the kind of actions taken.

The company’s laws and regulations have rules that deal with this kind of situation. The person threatening you will be reviewed and punished according to the laws. You need to understand that this person may use all the dirty tricks in the book to get out of the issue and come back to work and be worse than before.

It could bring their reign of terror to an end when you say something, they get disciplined, and peace will rain in the office. Ensuring the work environment is safe for employees helps improve productivity because employees get motivated.

4. Follow Up

When you report something as serious as a threat in the workplace, the organization’s management team needs to fire the person to show it doesn’t condone such behavior in their establishment. If they listen, they will follow the policies and address the issue in-house and resolve it. The company’s image and reputation are at significant risk.

To solve the issue as fast as possible, they may opt to discipline them, then provide counseling and paid anger management classes to try and let them work through their issues before returning to work. The most they could do to promote a healthy working environment is to transfer them to a different department. Be very cautious when you are around them. They may still be bitter and want to take their revenge.

This person could still make you uncomfortable and keep threatening you, and when you report again, the management doesn’t take it seriously. When you exhaust all options in the company with no results, you can proceed to take the next step.

5. Go to Court

There is a section of the constitution with labor laws that protect both employers and employees. When you are threatened in the workplace, you make an official written report, and nothing is done. Going to court is the next step you can take. It would help if you looked for a lawyer that deals with labor law cases.

Just because the company overlooked, an injustice being done to you doesn’t mean the courts would. When you go to court, you can sue the person threatening your life and the organization for not protecting you as an employee. The employee rules and guidelines are what will make your case plausible.

Report things as soon as they happen, and do not withhold any information. It allows an investigation to be done and all the evidence presented to the courts for a fair ruling. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone, especially from an organization you work for tirelessly.

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In conclusion, your workplace is like your second home because you spend so much time there. When you feel uneasy and threatened by someone or something, the management needs to look into it without delay.

At the workplace, you meet many people with different personalities, and there is always one or two people with anger issues that may result in the injury of colleagues. As a productive employee, you need safety and security to ensure you have high morale to work.

An organization with or without a human resource department has a moral and legal obligation to ensure all its employees’ needs are cared for, and all their complaints get addressed. Employees are crucial for any organization to grow, and when they don’t get the proper treatment, they could resign, which will lead to a huge employee turnover.