Yes. You can use health in your Florida business name if it is directly linked to healthcare and you have the necessary licenses.

Most businesses in Florida are permitted to use the word “health” in their business name; however, the business name should not feature any other language indicating that the business is associated with a federal government agency, state agency, corporation, or other entity that is chartered under the United States laws.

It must be different from the names of other entities on the department’s list. When it comes to naming a business in Florida, there aren’t many regulations to follow. The major thing to consider is that your name is distinct from other business names.

As part of your name, you must also include an entity identifier. For instance, a corporation must use an abbreviation such as “Inc.” or “Corp.” in their name. LLCs must use the letters LLC, Ltd., or an equivalent identifier.

Florida law requires that your business name should be distinct in various ways, so you cannot use just any name you desire. The name cannot be the same as, or even remotely comparable to the name of an existing business registered with the Florida Division of Corporations.

If you file your business name with the Division of Corporations, they will check if the name is already in use. If that name is already registered by someone else, your business name will be turned down and you will have to reapply under a different name.

Other Words That Are Prohibited for Use in Florida Business Name

Certain words are prohibited in Florida business names, according to its law. They include;

  • Agency
  • Commission
  • Department
  • Bureau
  • Division
  • Municipal
  • Board
  • Bank
  • Banking
  • Banc
  • Insurance
  • Savings and Loan Association
  • Credit Union

9 Tips for Creating a Great Name for your Business in Florida

  1. Note names that similar types of businesses are using

You should research what other companies in the same market or industry are using as their business names and you must avoid using a similar name for your company.

  1. Ensure to pick an original business name

Ensure to come up with a distinctive name that will make your business unique. Note that the more unique a business name is, the more trademark protection it receives.

  1. Avoid business names that are difficult to spell

People will have trouble recalling your name if your company name is difficult to spell. Get a business name that people will recognize and can conveniently spell when looking for your company online.

  1. Your business name should flow off the tongue when spoken

Your company name should sound nice when mentioned among people. Request feedback from friends and family on how captivating the name is when uttered aloud.

  1. Consider your brand identity and the audience

Consider your target audience when creating your business name and how your brand identity will be conveyed in the name.

  1. Choose a name that makes you happy

Choose a business name that you would be happy with and that you will be able to utilize for a long period.

  1. Ensure to pick a catchy business name

Have it in mind that a memorable business name will cling to people after having heard it once or twice. For example, if you plan to build a restaurant serving southern-style cuisine, a name like Happy Bite Southern Kitchen could be suitable for it.

  1. Create a name that has good meaning

It is critical to understand that the meaning of a business name is related to branding the goods and services you plan to sell—for example, Happy Bite Southern Kitchen. This name indicates that you provide a southern-style cuisine restaurant and food services.

  1. Repeat the process to create three or four business names

When brainstorming, you should come up with at least three or four business names. Remember! If you come up with one and later discover it is already in use, you will have to repeat the process all over again.