To work in a smoke shop in Florida, you must be at least 21 years old. In 2021, Florida formally advanced the age cap on all smoking and vaping products from 18 to 21 years old, which also meant that workers in tobacco retail shops would have to be 21 years old.

As a result, it is illegal for any retail salesperson to be under the age of 21, as well as for a retail outlet to distribute tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, or vapor merchandise to anyone under the age of 21.

A smoke store is a reseller of various tobacco merchandise and similar items including pipes, lighters, matches, pipe cleaners, and pipe tampers. Ashtrays, humidifiers, hygrometers, humidifiers, cigar cutters, and other items are sold by more expert retail outlets.

Tobacco-related merchandise including puzzles, games, figurines, hip flasks, walking sticks, and confectionery are occasionally auctioned. Employees in a smoke shop are basically experienced in all facets of tobacco, such as its various shapes, shades, fragrances, textures, and preferences.

Employees utilize this knowledge to supply tobacco merchandise details to purchasers. Tobacconists are now becoming scarce as a result of the tobacco industry’s slump and the prevalent use of mass-produced tobacco goods, although several people who smoke still prefer to buy their brands from a smoke shop with a tobacconist behind the desk.

In the Sunshine State, conventional smoke shops usually offer expertise in cigarettes, roll-your-own stock, and smokeless tobacco including dip tobacco and chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Smoke shops also sell steaming materials, and a few can function as head shops.

Florida state laws always seem to be susceptible to alteration as a consequence of proposed laws, higher court rulings (such as federal decisions), and ballot initiatives, as well as other presupposes. As a result, make sure you have the latest up-to-date content accessible or ask a lawyer.

Day in the Life of a Florida Smoke Shop Employee

Every smoke shop in Florida has to be responsible for compliance, which necessitates knowledge of the rules governing product presentations, customer age confirmation, largely confined store segments, sampling, mail and internet orders, and marketing. Nonetheless, here are the daily activities of an employee in these stores.

  1. ID verification

Smoke shops are vulnerable to a slew of regulations, including ID laws that prohibit the selling of tobacco merchandise to underage people. Whenever an auditor walks in, smoke store workers must prove that they are in adherence to industry regulations.

Workers of smoke shops should be continuously on the lookout for undercover operations aimed at capturing vendors selling to minors.

  1. Helping People

Smoke shop employees tend to smoke and can genuinely relate to the taste and needs that their customers are experiencing. Customers who are inquisitive about smoking can always get advice, and smoke store workers can express their own views. They can even send these folks away with material and details regarding selecting a healthier cigar variety.

  1. Tobacco Product Selection

When someone has chosen that they want to smoke, the next step is to assist them in finding an appropriate product. As a smoke shop employee, you can help customers out by recommending an item that is a good fit for their preferences.

Your suggestions are extremely valuable in this situation. The same would be true for discovering new product lines for experienced smokers.

  1. Organizing Events

Cigarette shops host activities such as vaping competitions and seminars. This involves facilitating and communicating the event with everybody they know. These activities occasionally take place outside of regular business hours. If you appreciate smoking enough just to work in a smoke shop; you’ll likely appreciate the event too.

  1. Tasting Products

You won’t be comfortable sharing your knowledge with customers until after you get familiar with the equipment. The ability to evaluate and compare alternatives is the best way to learn about your product. If you keep up with current smoking news, you will always be familiar with new merchandise even before they come in.

  1. Making Potential Plans

Another important aspect of working in a smoke shop is notifying your customers about future improvements in the smoking legislation. Because Florida smoking regulations have a significant influence on the industry overall, smokers should know what to anticipate.

If merchandise or merchandise varieties will no longer be possible, they should be provided with the chance to refill up and prepare, or to become involved in their neighborhoods and advocate for change.