If you are looking to hire an employment lawyer for any reason, it is important to have a clear-cut idea of what you want them to help you achieve. Even if you don’t know what you want to achieve when hiring an employment lawyer, when you ask the right questions, you will be properly guided.

Labor and employment law firms offer a lot of services, and top on the list is to protect the rights of both employers of labor and employees. Labor and employment lawyers assist their clients with their workplace legal-related issues.

These issues include negotiating on behalf of their clients, representing their clients in court and tribunal hearings, writing and preparing claims, and writing employment contracts, policies, and other related workplace legal documentation. Having said that, here are the 10 most important questions to ask an employment lawyer.

10 Important Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer

  1. Their Track Records and Competence

Before you hire the services of an employment lawyer, one of the important questions you should ask is to know the track records of the lawyer.

The truth is that the track records and competence of the employment lawyer will go a long way to determine if they will be able to help you pursue the case. When we talk of track records, we are talking about what the employment lawyer has been able to achieve in time past.

  1. Their Rate and Service Charge

The fact that you are going to be paying for the legal services you are requesting from the employment lawyer means that one of the most important questions you should ask is to know their rate and service charge. The only reason why should not ask about their rate and service charge is if they are offering pro bono services when handling your case.

  1. The Document or Evidence You are Required to Provide

Another important question you should ask an employment lawyer when you require their services is to know the documents they would require from you in order to help you successfully prosecute your case. A professional employment lawyer knows the exact documents or evidence that will help you win or lose a case.

  1. Ask to Know if They Have Handled Cases that are Similar or Same as Yours

There is a saying that experience cannot be bought in the market, experiences are earned. So, before you hire any employment lawyer to handle your case, it is wise to ask them if they have handled cases that are similar or the same as yours.

You may even go further to know the outcome of the case. If they have successfully handled employment-related cases, it will point only in one direction – the employment lawyer will be able to help you win the case.

  1. Ask to Know The Other Available Options You Have

Cases are not determined by lawyers but by a judge. So, it will not be out of place to ask the employment lawyer to know all the options that are available to you should the case go against you.

Yes, despite the fact that you are the one who took a case to court, the case might turn against you, and the earlier you know your options available to you, the better you will be able to prepare and take the necessary actions that will help you bounce back.

  1. Ask to Know the Possible Duration Your Case May Take from Start to Finish

Almost all lawyers charge their clients based on the number of times they appear in court. So, one of the key questions you must not fail to ask the employment lawyer is the possible duration of your case.

The truth is that, if the employment lawyer has in time past handled a similar as yours, he or she will be able to tell you the approximate time your case will take to finalize. With that, you will know if you have the required finance to execute the case or if you should look for a cheaper employment lawyer or even abandon the case altogether.

  1. Ask to Know The Employment Lawyer’s Proposed Plan of Action for Your Case

Another important question you should ask an employment lawyer when you want to hire one is to know the lawyers’ proposed plan of action on how they intend to handle your case. The proposed plan of action of the lawyer will give you an insight into how the case will likely play out.

With that information, you will be able to prepare both emotionally and physically for the case. You will know what is expected from you at every stage of the case.

  1. Ask to Know If You Will Have Just One Lawyer Dedicated to Your Case

Interestingly, most law firms work as a team even if one of the lawyers is the lead counsel. So, it will be important to ask the employment lawyer you intend to hire if you will be assigned only one adviser during the cause of your case or if you will be working with a team of lawyers. The truth is that the more human resources that are put together to execute your case, the more you will spend executing the case.

  1. Ask to Know the Mode of Communication and How Often Will You Access the Employment Lawyer

Another very important question you must not fail to ask an employment lawyer when you seek to hire their services is the mode of communication available to you. You will know if they are easily accessible and if they are open to telephone communication, text messaging, or only physical meetings.

With this information, you will be able to plan how you can reach them if you eventually hire their services. The truth is that, when it comes to executing a case in court, communication and accessibility are key to the success of the case.

  1. You Should Ask to Know If They Offer Other Related Legal Services

Lastly, another important question you must not fail to ask an employment lawyer is if they offer other related legal services.

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The truth is that there are scenarios where a labor-related case may turn out to be a civil rights-related case. This means that if the employment lawyer is not experienced in handling civil rights cases, they may have to call in a civil rights attorney and that will definitely translate to more money from you.

In Conclusion,

In as much as the ten questions listed above are critical to the success of any labor and employment-related case, it is important to note that other questions may arise when you are having a discussion with the employment lawyer. Just make sure you take note of any question that comes up in your head and make sure you ask such questions.