Yes. There are numerous trucking companies in Florida that pay for CDL and offer training. In theory, for company-sponsored CDL training, the business expects to pay a fresh worker’s CDL training cost and afterward employs them once they finish their studies to serve as the firm’s truck driver.

The incomes garnered during the first couple months of employment are utilized to pay the education costs. This reimbursement timeframe is usually pre-agreed upon. CDL training provided by the business is a two-for-one offer, which includes a training scheme as well as a job.

The trucking industry in Florida is progressing, and trucking businesses are getting better; nevertheless, there are trucking businesses in Florida seeking to offer expert logistics solutions and guarantee they do not end up leaving room for mistakes.

They accomplish this by enhancing and shoring up their drivers and employees. Trucking is a career that doesn’t necessitate drivers to possess a college education, this does not mean that truck driving school or a CDL training course are not considered necessary.

Top Companies in Florida That Pay for CDL and Offer Training

  1. MasTec Network Solutions

MasTec Network Solutions, currently based in Coral Gables, FL seems to have 401 identified trucks and 600 drivers. This company provides all the amenities required to design, establish, maximize, and maintain telecommunications networks.

They have job openings in various sectors and also provide lucrative perks, training, and prospects for advancement. They provide chances for military service members, whose expertise and abilities augment the workplace culture and objectives of MasTec Network Solutions.

  1. Grimes Trucking Co.

Grimes Trucking Company established in 1972, has evolved into a trucking firm known to be among the best trucking multinationals in Florida.

This trucking firm is concentrated on progress and satisfaction of the customers since it’s the most important way for the business to grow and establish a trustworthy prestige. Grimes Trucking is one of the companies that shows mastery of how they operate. They employ competent drivers who show commitment to their work.

  1. Cypress Truck Lines Inc.

Cypress Truck Lines, based in Jacksonville, FL, has about 514 vehicles and 512 documented operators. Cypress Truck Lines, located in Jacksonville, Florida, has always been a family-owned trucking firm that has been in business since 1972.

They have opportunities for local, short-haul, regional, and OTR CDL drivers (and are open to training new workers), as well as offering fair compensation, the nicest miles, and other benefits such as; health insurance, paid vacation, 401(k), and bonuses.

  1. Atlantic Trucking Corporation

Atlantic Trucking is one of Florida’s top trucking companies. This company has been in the trucking business for over 30 years.

They have expanded their trucking company and also trained a good number of competent truck drivers. Note that this trucking company’s primary area of expertise values operations, and they can cope with the demands and needs of all service users.

  1. Trailer Bridge

Trailer Bridge currently based in Jacksonville, FL, has about 80 identified trucks and 81 operators. Trailer Bridge has always been a freight provider company that provides end-to-end solutions to clients seeking to shuttle containers both locally and internationally.

They have numerous positions available and also provide an effective compensation package that includes health insurance, retirement investments, paid time off, educational benefits, and an exercise program.

  1. Lake Trucking Company

Lake Trucking, regarded as one of the surest trucking firms in Florida, has concentrated on a variety of logistics offerings. This company has been operating in the logistics sector for over 50 years but has coordinated to meet the demands and specifications of all customers throughout that time.

This trucking firm hired the greatest truckers in order to satisfy its clients. Every one of their truckers has procured Class A CDL driver’s licenses and has attended different training sessions organized by Lake Trucking. Note that Lake Trucking Company has a sizable vehicle that is fitted to comply with FMCSA regulations and guidelines.

  1. Ryder System

Ryder System, based in Miami, FL, has about 5187 identified trucks and 6607 drivers. This blends a high-quality workforce with cutting-edge software, one of the biggest truck inventories in the country, and an extensive array of infrastructure to provide the industry’s end-to-end transportation and distribution platform.

Ryder values its staff and tries to foster a positive and welcoming work environment by providing help with professional learning and self-growth. They also give a benefits package that includes health and dental insurance, paid time off, a 401(k) savings plan with firm commitment and match, and educational support for workers’ children.

  1. Sims Crane & Equipment Company

Sims Crane & Equipment Company, situated in Tampa, FL, has about 287 identified trucks and 312 drivers. As of 1959, they had already operated a crane rental and rigging business in Florida. They offer good wages, medical benefits, pension plans, and other training programs and certifications. Applicants can look for a position or apprenticeship using their online application systems.

  1. Horner Xpress

Horner Xpress, currently based in Ft Lauderdale, FL, possesses 42 identified trucks and 39 operators. This is a Florida-based established pool equipment distribution company, which provides materials and business alternatives to pool and spa customers.

They seek competent individuals with good behavior and recompense those with a benefits package that incorporates health insurance, retirement benefits, training/development, a nutrition program, and other perks.

  1. Bright House Networks

Bright House Networks, currently based in St Petersburg, FL, has about 295 observed cars and trucks and 443 operators. Charter Communications acquired Bright House Networks, which is known as Spectrum. This Spectrum provides a plethora of television, internet, and voice services to both individual and corporate clients.

Charter provides numerous rewards to its workers, such as health care, pension plans, life, and accidental death insurance, short and long-term disability, vacation pay, and special monetary rewards like education opportunities, travel assistance, and even childcare discounts.


To start driving a commercial motor vehicle or something like a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or passenger bus in the sunshine state, you are expected to have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. Note that numerous firms in Florida provide varying CDL classes.

Most often, they include the three main classes in summary: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Prior to enlisting in a company’s training scheme, make sure you investigate and define the CDL class they provide. In this manner, you have the assurance of obtaining the correct CDL for the kind of vehicle you intend to operate.